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Utility NFT

All-in-one utility NFT infrastructure protocol


HypeX is an all-in-one utility NFT infrastructure protocol platform. The platform serves as a turn key solution, providing a comprehensive set of SDKs, APIs, smart contracts, no-code hosting services, and other tools to help innovators to build, create and launch NFTs with different functionalities, and bring the liquidity and financial ability to every NFTs.


Our mission is to bring the capabilities to NFTs and helps innovators to build, create, trade meaningful and versatile NFTs.


Democratize and expand access to WEB3.0 to anyone around the world.

Utility Meter

Providing a comprehensive set of SDKs, APIs to help NFT issuers to build, create and connect NFTs with different utilities.


Providing a No-Code solution for NFT issuers to launch and list utility NFTs in different marketplace in seconds.

NFT Launch Pool

Decentralized NFT listing and trading protocol. Uniswap for NFTs. Price Discovery and NFT liquidity solution for NFT issuers.


Easy to Integrate:

Simply use the apis or sdks to create your NFTs with different functionalities. Or use our no-code launchpad!

Multi Chain Deployment:

Various choice of blockchains for NFT deployment.

Decentralize Listing:

List your NFT in multiple platforms in seconds.

Build your Utility
NFT application